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The Lengths to Achieve Dreams

In a well developed essay, evaluate the extent to which ambitions for the future play in influencing an individual’s actions.
Whether hoping for drastic, life-altering changes, or minimal day-to-day changes, the means of planning and obtaining a better future have frequently been aspirations of humans in order to achieve a better lifestyle for themselves or for their loved ones. While some dreams can be achieved through simple steps and changes, many dreams often come with great risks. As people aspire to achieve and follow their dreams, their reality often becomes distorted. This can lead people to take lengthy measures in order to achieve the dream, causing the dreams to greatly impact an individual’s actions through disillusionment and a loss of innocence. In Truman Capote’s nonfiction book, In Cold Blood, the “American Dream” is viewed to be centered around The Clutter family, who seem to have achieved everything they have worked for and live a relatively simple life. The Clutter f…

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