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Government Engagement in an Individual's World

To what extent should the government regulate the rights of an individual?

      Throughout history, the debate of how much intervention the government should have in the lives of individuals has been prevalent in many countries. While some people believe the government should play a large role in the lives of citizens to ensure their protection and a more unified country, the government ultimately should have a small extent in regulating the rights of an individual in order to ensure free will in the actions and thinking among citizens.
      A large amount of government intervention in the rights of an individual often leads to a totalitarian state, where governments exercise great power over the people and expect them to abide by edicts rather than democratic laws. In The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, the United States is overthrown by a totalitarian government called The Republic of Gilead, which uses doctrines inspired by the Old Testament as an example of how citizens…

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